Achieve a fresh from the Caribbean glow with the Balm Bahama Mama. This matte bronzer kisses the complexion with a natural bronze hue, giving you the perfect tan that is never orange or fake. Ideal for all skin types, Bahama Mama can be used as a contour, brow tint, and as a matte eyeshadow, making this a truly versatile product to give you a resort vibe year ‘round.

 Key benefits:

  • Looks good on all skin types without orange undertones.

  • Artistic compact features convenient mirror for touch-ups.

  • Matte color is perfect for daytime wear and is never shiny.

  • Can be used as a bronzer, powder blush, contour, brow powder or eyeshadow.

  • Paraben free, talc free, and oil free.

  • Non-comedogenic.

Key ingredients:

  • Mica is a safe, natural mineral that provides shimmer and colour. Mica also provides a sheer finish and has light-reflecting properties to give skin radiance and an energized look.

  • Silica is found in clay, sandstone, and granite and is formed when silicon combines with oxygen. It helps the skin glow from within, retains moisture, and gives skin a supple appearance. In a powder makeup, it helps to prevent caking, makes blushes and bronzers go on smoothly, and absorbs excess oil.

  • A natural zinc soap, zinc stearate is a very mild fatty acid that is naturally antiseptic and astringent, toning and purifying the skin. Zinc stearate is also a natural emollient, soothing and softening the skin.

How to apply theBalm Bahama Mama:

  • Using your favourite kabuki brush, apply bronzer along the hollows of your cheeks. If you are unsure just where your hollows are, make a “fish lips” face and they will become visible.

  • You can also sweep over the nose and lightly across face, neck, and collarbone for a sun-kissed glow.

How do I use this as a face contour?
We love the versatility of theBalm Bahama Mama and it can be used to contour in a pinch, especially if you have fair to light skin. This matte facial bronzer adds depth and, when applied with an angled brush, can effectively contour. After applying to the hollows, use a larger powder blush to blend it out. Blending is essential for a natural makeup look.

Choosing the right shade of bronzer for your skin colouring:

The general rule of thumb when it comes to selecting a bronzer shade is to choose a colour that is one to two shades deeper than your natural colouring. If you go darker than that, the bronzer will look artificial. Getting that back-from-the-tropics natural looking tan can easily be achieved if you just stick with a bronzer that is closer to your own skin tone. Bahama Mama is such a go-to bronzer for people because it is a colours that can be used by so many different complexions.